Lesson Structure and Pricing

In the beginning we like to see students early and often so we can develop and help them find their individual swing.

Our goal is to get you to your goals! We encourage students to schedule hour long lessons when they are building their swing or making changes. 30 Minute lessons work great to reinforce the hour long lessons at this point.

Once a student has developed the swing some, we encourage them to schedule 30 minute lessons to modify their game and learn how to practice. During this time we can give the students 1 or 2 things to focus on.

A lot of season players see us once a week or once a month for 30 minutes to keep everything going well. 30 minute lessons are great not only to build, but also to maintain your game. 

30 Minute lessons are definitely our most popular once people get going. 60 minute lessons are great for working on one part of your game, like driver. We also use 60 minute lessons to teach you how to apply what you have learned to do with your swing to the golf course. Using our e6 simulator we allow students to play courses from around the world.

Individual Lessons

30 Minute: $99

45 Minute: $139

60 Minute: $169

To schedule a lesson, click the Book a Lesson tab at the top.